It is still the watchmaker’s inventive talent that keeps the balance wheel in motion even after 160 years. Revue Thommen is one of the oldest Swiss watch brands and its watchmaking masters continue to produce manufacture movements. This is why Revue Thommen has always been worthy of the term “manufacture”. Through its long history, over 100 different GT movements have been produced.

Since Gédéon Thommen took over the factory in 1859 it flourished and annual production increased from 4,000 watches in 1870 to 13,000 in 1890. Repeatedly introducing astounding inventions, Thommen was the talk of the watch industry. Continuing his father’s tradition, Alphonse Thommen placed the highest value on excellent quality and wanted to be at the forefront of development. Revue Sport wristwatches, for the first time, satisfied the most rigorous requirements.