Mission Statement

Message from CEO – Mr. Roland Buser

“GT Thommen Watch AG is devoted to providing a variety of quality Swiss Made watches in the upper mid-range segment. We aim to revitalize the brand and restore it to its former glory and beyond and build on traditional expertise to ensure a lasting heritage at an international level. Our goal is to stimulate and expand the watch manufacturing industry in the place of origin and, again, revive the economy of the region.

Being a 3rd generation watchmaker, Swiss Made watches have been a life-long passion for me, and to become Partner & CEO of GT Revue Thommen Watch AG is a very exciting challenge which I am looking forward to taking up. With a long history of involvement in the Swiss watch industry, a dedicated and experienced team there is no limit to the success we can achieve in developing the Revue Thommen brand to its fullest potential.”
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Our Management


President of the Board of
Directors GT Thommen Watch AG

Andreas Thommen

Andreas Thommen represents the 5th generation in direct line to follow Gédéon Thommen, one of the founders of Revue Thommen in 1853.

After graduating as a lawyer he worked as an Editor and a Consultant for Financial Communications and Investor Relations. He is a Senior Partner with a renowned Swiss management and communication consulting company.


Revue Thommen

Roland Buser

Born in South Africa, Roland completed his education in Switzerland. He graduated from the Technical College of Watch-making in Solothurn (CH), as a 3rd generation Swiss watchmaker.

Following the completion of his education, he travelled the world extensively on professional assignments for the Swiss Watch Industry, setting up and managing manufacturing sites. He started in 1988 in China and has since been in Asia (India, Thailand and Malaysia amongst others).

In 1997, he moved permanently to Hong Kong and joined a renowned luxury watch group. As Director, he played a pivotal role in the setting up of services in the Asia-Pacific region. In 2004, he moved to a family owned watch brand for which he reorganized the distribution, re-positioned the brand and set up offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing for the Greater China region.

A former officer in the Swiss Army, he has strong interests in sports such as polo, sailing, and martial arts. Happily married and the father of 3 lively children, he is looking forward to the great challenges ahead with Revue Thommen on a global scale.


Head of production

Christopher Bitterli

Born in Nigeria, Christopher was educated in Switzerland where he took Studies of Business Administration HWV.

After finishing his studies and graduating as Betr. Oek. HWV, he took a job at the former Swiss Bank Corporation in Neuchâtel (now UBS). In 1985, he joined the family company and started to further develop the activities of the company. He has a great passion for languages and speaks English, French and Spanish.

An active member of the Lions Club Farnsburg, he has taken up various challenges in the local community. Having acquired a PPL (private pilot license) he enjoyed flying for many years. Now he is dedicated to outdoor sports such as mountain biking and golf.

Christopher is happily married and the father of two adult sons.