Time line Summary

Society d’Horlogerie à Waldenburg
The small town of Waldenburg founds the “Societe d’Horlogerie à Waldenburg”, due to the high level of unemployment at this time and to stem the migration to the US.1859 Louis Tschopp and Gédéon Thommen take over the “Societe d’Horlogerie à Waldenburg“.1869 Louis Tschopp withdraws from the company.Gédéon Thommen becomes the sole owner and renames the company “Gédéon Thommen – Uhrenfabrikation” .
Patents obtained
Gédéon Thommen patents the “System der Auswechselbarkeit der einzelnen Werkbestandteile” and the “Remontoir-Patent” (exchangeability of movement parts).
Lever watches
In parallel to previous production of cylinder watches, Thommen starts producing Lever watches. 1885 The construction of the smallest narrow-gauge rail way in Europe from Liestal to Waldenburg leads to the invention of the “Springeruhr GT” watch.
Son Succeeds Father
1890 Production reaches over 13,000 watches annually. Gédéon Thommen dies unexpectedly as a result of an insidious illness. His son Alphonse takes over the company.
Limited Company
Alphonse Thommen transforms “Gédéon Thommen– Uhrenfabrikation” into a limited company. From now on the company is called “Thommens Uhrenfabrik AG”.
Aviation Instruments
The production of aviation instruments becomes the second main activity of Thommens Uhrenfabrik AG.
Independence Achieved
Thommen develops various new watch movements, including the GT 82 movement. From this point on “Thommens Uhrenfabrik AG” is a completely independent company, which also produces watch components in parallel to its own movements. The factory produces the necessary machines for this in its own workshops.
Bringing Brands Together
Thommens Uhrenfabrik AG develops the GT44, GT54, GT56, GT12 and GT14 movement ranges.The MSR Holding is founded. It brings together the Revue, Vulcain, Buser, Phoenix and Marvin brands under one umbrella. *Cricket is a trademark of PMH SA.
Saltarello Collection
The first Saltarello collection is launched. This model is based on the legendary “Springeruhr GT” watch of 1885.
“Revue Thommen” Launch
Thommens Uhrenfabrik AG launches the double brand “Revue Thommen”. This brand now serves as the main brand for clear brand positioning on international markets.
New Highs in Aviation
In the 90s Revue Thommen increases its production of aviation instruments and since then has supplied all the leading airplane manufacturers in the world.
Dissolution and Liquidation
The MSR Holding is dissolved and the company Vulcain & Studio SA liquidated.
Resumption of Grovana
Following a short interruption of several years, Grovana resumes the production of own manufacture movements for Revue Thommen watches. The movement ranges GT44, GT54, GT56, GT12 and GT14 form the framework for this range.
New GT60 Movement
The first prototypes of the new GT60 movement design with power reserve, moon phase, small second hand and date hand are coming into existence.

Joint-Venture Revitalisation

GTWAG, the joint-venture partnership of Andreas Thommen, Roland Buser and Christopher Bitterli, buys all the lines and commences to revitalize the brand.