Our manufactured movement is predominant throughout the Revue Thommen product range and represents our core expertise.

Revue Thommen would not be able to develop and produce mechanical watch movements without its qualified watchmakers. Consequently, training apprentices is of the utmost importance and by doing this Revue Thommen conserves and nurtures its know-how in the construction of its timepieces and retains a large aspect of its independence.

Today, the basis of the range are two mechanical movements, the caliber GT44 11½’’ and GT12 – 8¾’’. The GT44 with an automatic winding mechanism becomes the GT54; with a small second hand display it becomes the GT55; with a large date hand it becomes the GT56. The GT58 is as the GT54 but with the addition of a calendar function.

The GT60 movement is a delight for the connoisseur; it has a power reserve display, moon phase, small second and date hand and a transparent back cover to allow the technical workings of this small marvel to be observed.

The GT11 and the GT14, both for ladies, have a hand-winding movement and an hour and minute hand. With a small second hand at 6 o’clock these become the GT12 for ladies and the GT82 for gents.

The presence of real watchmakers in the factory guarantees that the desire for ever more sophisticated movements is safeguarded and tradition continues.

Caliber Heigh Diameter Frequency Jewels Winding Power reserve Feature
GT-82 4.25mm 29mm 18,000/h 17 H 40 hrs Hour, minute
GT-44 3.6mm 25.6mm 19,800/h 17 H 42 hrs hour, minute, skeletonised movement
GT-54 5mm 25.6mm 19,800/h 22 A 42 hrs Hour, minute, second
GT-55 5.9mm 25.6mm 19,800/h 27 A 42 hrs Hour, minute, small second
GT-56 5.9mm 25.6mm 19,800/h 27 A 42 hrs Hour, minute, small second, date pointer
GT-60 6.4mm 25.6mm 19,800/h 28 A 42 hrs Hour, minute, small second, moon phase, date pointer,
Power reserve (reserve de marche)
GT-12 3.2mm 19.4mm 19,800/h 17 H 42 hrs Hour, minute, small second
GT-14 3.2mm 19.4mm 19,800/h 17 H 42 hrs Hour, minute, skeletonised movement